The head in the stars

Even though the picture is not memorable, it shows one of the most famous places in the City from above, and without any other building to hide it.

Whatever I did, I never managed to see the Gherkin from top to bottom. It was then a great surprise to go up the Heron Tower and have a glass of champagne at SushiSamba, facing this amazing piece of architecture.

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Deli – X Deptford

Now that you know about Heloise Acher and Ursula Hitz, you have to discover Deli-X in Deptford.


I cannot praise enough this place which is a London typical organic hence fashionable coffee shop, all natural and cosy. Lire la suite

B-sights is @DeliX…

…until 15th June!

You probably noticed this blog is mainly written in French. But, it is about to change as I would like to introduce you to very special artists who may not understand French: Ursula Hitz and Heloise Acher (founders of B-sight). They live in London and create trendy and unusual artwork with fonts, words, photos and their creativity have no limits but their imagination.

So when they invited me to come to their exhibition showdown on the 31st of May I jumped on the opportunity to have a look around and discover more of their posters.

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