B-sights is @DeliX…

…until 15th June!

You probably noticed this blog is mainly written in French. But, it is about to change as I would like to introduce you to very special artists who may not understand French: Ursula Hitz and Heloise Acher (founders of B-sight). They live in London and create trendy and unusual artwork with fonts, words, photos and their creativity have no limits but their imagination.

So when they invited me to come to their exhibition showdown on the 31st of May I jumped on the opportunity to have a look around and discover more of their posters.


Heloise and Ursula usually present several sorts of works: typo-etry, vinyl flowers and photo-collages. I am always impressed by the quality of the later, as Heloise and Ursula have a splendid ability to reveal the perfection from the most common things in life: a scruffy street market, a walk on Regent’s Canal, industrial London, streets, houses and so on. And put all together these become lovely « portraits » of London you can hang on the walls in your living room. In some ways, looking at these posters make me feel nostalgic of London, not the miss related nostalgia (I am still here) but the sensation that my heart pinches at the though I don’t know all of the city yet and will most likely never do.

Deptford Market

Deptford Market – B-Sights


Closer Shutters – B-Sights


Skips #1 – B-Sights

So in the end, last week was a lovely night out, with quite a few people coming along to have a drink, a look or both at the same time. It was a great occasion to meet Londoners from everywhere in Europe who just settled here years ago and won’t move from this city, from this paradise for artists and creative people.P1050696

The exhibition is prolonged until the 15th of June, it takes place at DeliX, next to Deptford station, have a look around it is great!

sword and maps 2P1050661




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